Home Remedies for Nasal Polyps Treatment

Find here the natural home remedies used for shrinking & curing nasal polyps naturally at home. Improvised home remedies are faster than common home remedies & cure is permanent .Natural remedies used in this nasal polyp treatment are safe & have no side effects,

Nasal Polyps Home Remedies

Keeping our sinuses clear will have a positive effect on our overall health.  The growth of nasal polyps though can give rise to too many sinus problems.

Nasal Polyps –  How it looks like ?

nasal polypsNasal polyp is a thickened, watery swelling of the nasal and paranasal sinus linings, having a narrow stalk by which the polyp is attached.  With excess accumulation of serous fluid in the mucosa and sub-mucosal lining of the nose and paranasal sinus cavities, it results in the growth of polyps, and these can grow anywhere in the sinus cavities.

Since these growths can be large enough to cause nasal obstruction, it interferes with the individuals breathing, leading to chronic mouth breathing, obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.  Recurrent sneezing, runny nose or a persistent feeling of post-nasal drainage, and decreased or absent sense of smell and taste may also be experienced by the sufferers.  All of these can bring about headache symptoms too.

Methods to treat & cure Nasal Polyp with Home Remedies

The growth of a polyp is a gradual process, and once they get noticed, an individual can follow certain strategies at home to stop worsening the condition.

1)  A teaspoon of castor oil mixed consumed everyday will help in reducing the polyp size.  Castor oil can be taken by itself or mixed in soups or juices to make it more agreeable to one’s palate.  The excess body heat brought about by consumption of castor oil will expel moisture from the polyps and reduce them to a smaller size.  Castor oil is also used to help the body in bringing down inflammations.  Also, castor oil will boost the individual’s immune system, enabling their body to fight against viral and bacterial infections that can set in due to these abnormal growths in their sinuses.

2)  Deep breathing exercises done for 10 minutes every morning and evening will help the immune system to react normally to all internal and environmental conditions, as well as aid the body to function at its optimum levels at all times.  Following this regularly, over time will prevent the growth of nasal polyps.

3)  Chronic sinusitis is one condition associated with nasal polyp formation.  To combat this, an everyday nasal irrigation done will be of great help.  Prepare a solution by combining half a teaspoon of Epsom salt in a cup of lukewarm water and use this to flush the nasal cavities daily to prevent sinus infections and allergic reactions.

4)  Horseradish herb is known to keep the nasal passages clear as well as seems to help in effectively eliminating nasal polyps.  This has a very strong flavor that is not very appetizing, so will need to be combined with honey to make it easy for consumption.  Combine equal quantities of grated horseradish and honey and take one teaspoon of this every morning and night until the polyps are gone.

5)  Steam inhalation done with adding some mint leaves or a drop of peppermint essential oil will open up the nasal passages and help in breathing better, loosen the polyps from the mucosal lining, eventually getting rid of them when done on a daily basis.

6)  Avoid blowing nose since frequent hard blowing of nose will irritate the polyps and make the condition more severe.

7)  If living in dry climatic conditions, use warm mist humidifier at home to keep the nasal passages moist and reduce the symptoms associated with nasal polyps.

Most of these home strategies will aid in reducing ones chances of developing nasal polyps recurrently.

Improvised Nasal Polyp Home Remedies for Quick Cure

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