How to Cure Nasal Polyps Permanently

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Nasal Polyps Cure – Treatment Options

Individuals suffering from frequent asthma attacks, who are hypersensitive to the aspirin pain killer, who experience chronic sinusitis, are at a high risk of developing a certain nasal problem known as nasal polyps.

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Nasal Polyps – What is it – Is there any Cures for Nasal Polyp

nasal polyps diagramChronic inflammation of the membranes lining the nasal and sinus cavities causes a reactive unusual increase in the tissue cells, which eventually will result in the development of polyps.  These are soft masses of hypertrophied mucous membranes that can either present as a single polyp or form in clusters, hanging out on a stem.  Polyps growing in the sinus cavities are generally harmless growths, but if they grow to a huge size, they can become a rather bothersome problem.


Large polyps can hamper proper mucus drainage as well as restrict nasal air passage, giving rise to a persistent nose-block, breathing difficulties, constant mucus flow from the posterior part of the nasal cavity or a continuous runny nose, frequent headaches (migrainous in nature), and snoring (that can go to a level of intolerable loudness).  None of the above symptoms are pleasant ones and often induce irritability in the sufferer.

Ways to Cure Nasal Polyps

Drug Therapy

The first choice of treatment is to either use nasal sprays or drops, or oral tablets to bring the inflammation down.  These are basically steroids.  Steroid nasal sprays will have to be in use for about 4-6 months to make any difference to the condition.  And since nasal polyps occur in both nostrils, they require to be sprayed in both once or twice daily, as prescribed.

Steroid tablets are used when symptoms are severe, and is prescribed for only a brief period.  Long term oral steroid use is generally avoided as it brings about severe side effects.  Even these tablets can effectively bring down nasal inflammation.  Oral steroids may be used either solitarily or in combination with nasal sprays, the latter being the usual method followed to bring about rapid results.

Once the polyps have been successfully eliminated, the individual will have to make efforts to keep a check on their sinusitis problem.  Frequent nasal flush done with a salt water solution will help in clearing out their sinusitis.  Allergic reactions can be tackled well with a course of antihistamine tablets.

Surgery for Nasal Polyps Cure

Not all nasal polyp cases can be effectively treated with steroid use.  In some, the polyps continue to remain even after long-term use of nasal sprays or short-term use of oral steroids.  In such situations, surgery is considered.

The endoscopic sinus surgery involves the use of a thin fiber optic instrument, at the end of which a camera is fixed (endoscope), to get a better view of the insides of the sinuses.  The position of the abnormal growths is identified through the video images provided by the endoscope.  Then a laser device is passed through the passage to destroy the polyps.  There are no facial incisions made during this procedure and is thus wide accepted by most sufferers.

There is the risk of bleeding, infection, and failure to improve all symptoms with this procedure, but these can be taken care of as well.  However, over time, polyps often grow back requiring more endoscopic procedures.Also Learn How to Cure Nasal polyp without Surgery

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