Nasal Polyps Treatments

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Nasal Polyps Treatment Methods – 

nasal polyps surgeryHippocrates, retained in one’s memory as the father of medicine during the age of Greek civilization, named nasal growths (nasal polyps) as polypus, since it resembled these creatures found in the sea.  They have a base, a hollow, swollen tube-shaped body, with several tentacle-like structures surrounding their mouth.

In Truth, What are Nasal Polyps?

A predisposition to nasal polyps is a constantly present inflamed mucosal lining of the nasal passages and sinuses.  The reasons behind this inflammation may be many, like environmental pollutants, hormonal changes, or a reaction to certain food substances or medicines.  In some individuals, the exact trigger for their persistent inflammation may not be found.

This inflammation will lead to swelling of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity, and in certain areas, the swollen membranes can further thicken and increase in bulk to attain the size of a grape, which is known as a nasal polyp.  However, the polyp growth may also be triggered in other sinus passages.

A small sized polyp will not cause any problems.  It is the larger polyps that can be rather annoying, for they tend to block the nasal cavity making it difficult to breathe, and interfere with one’s ability to smell as well as appreciate taste.

Treatment for Nasal Polyps  Removal

1)  Decongestants can be used to obtain relief from symptoms like a blocked nose from mucus buildup.  Polyp growths, especially moderate sized ones can cause inadequate mucus drainage leading to its accumulation and crusting within.  Decongestants also help in reducing the swelling of blood vessels in the nose occurring from this persistent inflammation.  However, these can be used for only a brief period.  When used for more than a week’s time, the swelling can come up again.

2)  Corticosteroid nose drops or nasal sprays are considered a more effective medical treatment method for eliminating nasal polyps.  They work by reducing the inflammation, thereby reducing the size of the polyps and eventually eliminating them.  The spray or drop will need to be used every day for some time before any relief can be got, and can be safely used for a long period of time.

Steroid treatment, be it sprays, tablets or injections will effectively shrink nasal polyps, but they seem to affect only small sized polyps.  The larger ones will need surgical removal if the symptoms accompanying them are severe enough to warrant one.

3)  Surgical removal of polyps is usually performed by an endoscopic procedure that involves the use of a small fiber optic nasal telescope to get a better view of the interiors of the cavities.  Then, using more modern intranasal surgical instruments, the polyps are either grasped and removed or destroyed using laser energy.  Presently, the use of laser equipments are considered to be a more reliable treatment method for nasal polyp removal, though they will require several sittings, as they help in preserving most of the healthy tissues surrounding the polyps, and cause only negligible nose bleeding.

The fact remains, though, that polyps are recurrent in nature and even after surgically removing them, they can grow back some time in the future.  Medications will need to be continuedto treat its underlying causes so as to prevent polyp recurrences.

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