Natural Cures for Nasal Polyps

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How To Cure  Nasal Polyps Naturally with Home Remedies

nasal polyps cureIndividuals suffering from nasal polyps are one irritated lot.  These sufferers will have to deal with frequent episodes of headaches, clogged nose, sleepless nights due to troubled breathing, and much more annoying incidents like persistent postnasal dripping, and snoring.

Nasal polyps generally grow in both nostrils, and large-sized ones can make breathing through nose a real challenge.  There are cases though, where individuals have noted the growths in only one nasal cavity, and this is considered as something hazardous to one’s health, for these almost always will be malignant in nature.

What are these nasal polyps?

Nasal polyps are abnormal growths, something shaped like a small teardrop, that project outwards from the mucosal linings of the nasal and sinus cavities.  The growths usually happen when the mucous membranes are constantly inflamed, leading to excess accumulation of serous fluid in them, which then hypertrophy and protrude as one swollen mass.

Nasal polyp treatment

Corticosteroid nasal sprays, ointments, nose drops are usually used at the beginning while attempting to cure nasal polyps.  These can be safely used for a long period of time and may successfully eliminate nasal polyps.  To cure larger polyps, nasal sprays or drops may be used in combination with steroid tablets.  However, steroids in tablet form are used for a brief period only, to avoid side effects.

Steroid injections may be given directly on the polyps to retard their growth.  If these fail to bring out desired results, then there are surgical methods by which nasal polyps can be removed less traumatically.  But the fact remains, that even if one is successful in eliminating them, chances of its recurrences will continue to remain high.

Natural remedies

Sufferers can use certain natural remedies and make changes in their diet to eliminate as well as to prevent its further occurrences.

–       Avoid alcohol.  Drink plenty of clear hot fluids, like soups, herbal teas instead, to help the sinuses in adequate drainage

–       Grate horseradish and combine it with honey.  Consume one teaspoon of this before having meals, every morning and evening, to see the polyps disappear slowly

–       Use chopped chilies, ginger, garlic and onions in every cooked dish possible to prevent infections from occurring around the polyps

–       Certain breathing exercises will help in eliminating nasal polyps, though they will need to be done every day for a long period of time for them to work.

Close the left nostril and breathe in through the right and vice versa, pushing air forcefully out while breathing out.  Set up a rhythm while doing this and perform for approximately 15 minutes, once in the morning and later in the day just before having meals

Next, sit in a comfortable position with the eyes closed.  Close both ears with the thumbs, place the index fingers on either side of the forehead, and rest the other three fingers of each hand on either side of the nose wall, close to the bridge of the nose.  Breathe in and out staying in this position for about 15 minutes, every day, to enjoy its benefits.

By following these home cures, one may never have to live with polyps for the rest of their lives.  Hope these will help some sufferers at least.

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