Natural Treatment for Nasal Polyps – Regardless of Size

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Home Remedies for Nasal Polyps Natural Treatment

nasal-natural-treatmentA persistent allergic or non-allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, frequent asthma attacks, or even recurrences of a common cold can trigger abnormal growths in the nasal and sinus passages known as nasal polyps.

Nasal polyps, what are they exactly?

A membrane rich in mucous glands line the nasal and para-nasal sinuses, and from these mucous membranes arise certain polypoidal masses, which are basically overgrowths of these membranes, or hypertrophied membranes.  This happens when these membranes are persistently inflamed, triggering a large production of mucus to get rid of the causative factors, and with such excess mucus production, they tend to accumulate in the tissues and cause swelling.

The swollen mass then protrudes outward, appearing to hang on a narrow stalk of flesh that keeps it attached to the mucous membrane.  The polyp can either be a single mass or a cluster of small masses, and can be very tiny or big enough to interfere with normal breathing.

Nasal polyps have a tendency to recur, and it is best that natural approaches be employed to help manage them better.

Natural Treatment for Nasal Polyps Removal

The idea is to get down the inflammation which is possible with the use of certain anti-inflammatory herbs.

–       The herb eyebright is used specifically to cure sinus problems, including inflammatory conditions and swelling associated with it.  The herbal leaves can be taken internally by brewing a nice hot herbal tea.  Steep a teaspoon of fresh leaves in a cup of boiling hot water, which has been removed from flame, for about 3 to 5 minutes.  Strain, add some honey and consume every day until some relief is got.

Likewise, herbal teas using slippery elm, licorice, holy basil leaves, and bayberry bark powder can be prepared on a rotational basis to help with curing nasal polyps.

Herbs like turmeric, ginger, garlic, all containing natural anti-inflammatory qualities, should be used in every day cooking to enjoy their benefits.Get more Home Remedies .

How to Prevent Nasal Polyps from recurring

The next step should be to boost the immune system to reduce the chances of nasal polyps recurring time and again.

–       Include a lot more of colored fruits and veggies into the person’s daily diet.  They should increase the consumption of citrus fruit varieties, have more of mushrooms, sweet potatoes, chicken soups and fish to strengthen their immune system.  In addition to this, they will need to keep the body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water, which will help in proper drainage of the sinuses as well.

Meanwhile, they should follow a daily saline nasal irrigation process to alleviate congestion symptoms.  To a cup of lukewarm water, add one-fourth teaspoon each of common salt and baking soda.  Standing over a sink, with the head tilted sideways, use a bulb syringe to pour the solution through the nostril facing up, which will then flow through the sinuses and come out through the other, the side which is tilted toward the sink.  Repeat this process the other side as well, and do this twice in a day to keep the sinuses clear.

Periodic steam inhalation will also help.  Bring water to a boiling point, remove from flame, add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil and inhale the steam emitting out.  Cover the person’s head with a towel, bringing the towel over the pot of boiling water as well while inhaling, to ensure that not much steam is lost.  The essential oils will help in clearing up the clogged nasal passages by thinning the mucus, and will help in reducing the inflammation as well.

People should also avoid food or environmental allergens, if the persistent mucosal inflammation occurring in their nasal and sinus cavities is due to allergic rhinitis.

Quick Cure with Improvised Home Remedies

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